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Full Movie: Rocco's First FTM

Rocco's First FTM

Welcome to my vid with the ultimate daddy, Rocco Steele. Holy cow that cock is even bigger in person than I expected. And he is an absolute sweetheart. I had the honor of being his first ever front hole (vagina) experience and it's safe to say that he's a new fan :) We start out kissing, then drop into bed where I attempt to jam the head of his dick in my mouth with only minimal success. It looks good though, watching me struggle. Likewise I have only minimal success when I attempt to sit on his dick, but things go better once I flip on my back. I teach him how to give me oral, and it's safe to say that he's a natural. After eating me out for a while, I'm ready for dick. It's equal parts agonizing and blissful to be stretched open and stuffed so completely. I appreciate how gentle he is though, and I get more and more turned on, calling him daddy and begging him to get even deeper inside me. After a good amount of very intense face-to-face fucking (I love the way he holds & hugs me tightly while he's fucking me!), I turn over so he can get inside me doggy style. I want to try riding him again, and this time my hole is already stretched open so I manage to take his giant cock almost to the hilt. We both seem to enjoy missionary position the most, so we switch back to that. He wedges his dick so deeply inside me it drives me absolutely crazy! I decide that I want to cum from fingering, so I teach him how to finger me. We end up with all 4 fingers stretching my hole open. I cum hard, then I am ready for more dick action. He is such a passionate top, holding me tightly while burying his dick inside. I can sense his urgency and can tell he's getting closer and closer. Finally he explodes inside me. I can feel him twitching and cumming inside me. When he pulls out, my hole is so completely gaped open! We finish with a nice little snuggle. I hope you enjoyed this scene, I sure did! And getting to be Rocco's first was an honor

Released:Oct 19, 2021
Length:55 min

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